Curiosity is the one thing invincible in nature - Freya Stark

Surprises, who does not like them? Who doesn't like new adventures and new experiences?
We are all familiar with the expression "Live until you die", so we've created Gayting'out, because we are passionate about life and we want to live it to the limit...until the day we die.
The surprise factor is our keyword! For these five days of the project, you will never really know what awaits you here, in Porto city. You know we'll be waiting for you at the Francisco Sá Carneiro airport, and from then on nothing will ever be the same again!
You make an appointment with us and we will be there, to welcome you and to transport you, free of luggage ... there are no weights to carry. For five days we will take care of everything!
Our personalized contact with you will keep us up-to-date of the preferences of each participant, so that each one receives an exclusive and flawless treatment. The rest…

The rest is to enjoy, everything we have prepared for you: Historical and guided tours, the museums, art galleries, shows, sports activities, radical activities, workshops, massages, boat trips, train trips, helicopter, airplane and even bicycle tours, picnics , parties, surprise gifts, luxury hotels, fancy restaurants, less fancy restaurants, wine tastings, shops, people, friends, many friends, music, lights and many surprises are already waiting to see the light of day! Everything is included, from accommodation, transport, meals and activities, so that the experience can be lived in full, without worries.
Between Porto, where the Douro river says goodbye, and its valley, where the old vineyards are since forever, and where certainly the gods spend their vacations, anything can happen!

If you do not know what adventures you'll live, at least you know they will be unique, and that you'll be back to repeat them!


Because each time will be like the first time and experiences must be unique, like this one life we have... so pack your things and tell us everything you'll love to do. We'll take notes!

How it works?

First you contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and put all your questions and let us know you better. We'll just ask you the important questions to know everything that you'd like to see materialized in a trip. We want to make sure that nothing fails! Our policy is exclusivity and we want you to take the most of these five days, leaving this experience with friends for life.
Then you can discuss online with your other friends and colleagues interested in this trip.
And finally you book your place, as the maximum number of participants is limited to 14.

Pack your things, we are waiting for you!

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