Torel Avangarde

This time we did not stay in any hotel, but we might very well have stayed, and if that was the case, the choice would have been The Torel!
Let's pretend, then, that we stayed in this hotel, on Restauração street, the Torel Avantgarde, which happens to be one of Gayting'out's many offers to our dear clients, and that happened to have been elected the "Luxury art Hotel "to Europe at the 12th edition of the World Luxury Hotel Awards.

A well deserved prize!


We left the hotel door behind us and found a sunny warm morning. No rain or fog, so typical in this city this time of the year.
We had an appointment for later, but we had plenty of time to stroll downtown. And so we did.

Up the street, there were the Cordoaria gardens, so pleasant at this morning hour, with its araucaria-australia (araucaria bidwilli), and plane trees, almost double the age of my grandmother, and the unescapable Clérigos tower of Nicholas Nasoni, in its usual place since 1763. We always walk through, but we never really look at it, as we should, just because we take it for granted!

We went down the street next to the old jail (Cadeia da Relação), and stopped directly at the sightseeing spot of Vitoria.
Porto is much cleaner and renewed now than a few years ago, it is undeniable, we can easily see that, but here and there we still find some old buildings, in need of attention and lots of cosmetics! Only those who love this city can see some romanticism and charm in the ruins... 

Messages for those who want to see.

You can just stay there, and enjoy the view... seeing the Douro with all the boats going up the river, until they find the vineyards and the wine, you see the roofs, in an ancient and colorful tangle, you see Gaia on the other side, the Cathedral and the Episcopal Palace ... everything exactly in its right place, as if this composition had existed forever! It is comforting what prevails and resists through time, as a safe place or refuge, where we can always return to, whenever necessary. Maybe this is where the charm of Porto lies. Even though this is an ever-changing city, there is a constancy in what is essential, because it is necessary that it remains strong and Invicta!

Today, like many other times throughout history, Porto is facing moments of great change, especially at the social level, and it has been hard for the locals. But it is certain that Porto will leave unscathed from this "battle", we do believe that! In a few years we will return here, to this exact place, and everything will be in the same place ... "everything in its right place".

Miss Pavlova

The meeting time was for 11:30 am at Almada Street, number 13. Miss Pavlova is at the back of a "concept store", The Almada 13.
The owner, Ana Maio was there to greet us. 

We have to admit that we had a lot of curiosity about this place! In the last few years the buzz around this brand -Miss Pavlova- has been huge, and so we've decided to check it. Tables, a counter, customers eating, a clean but neat decor, with small notes suggesting a very good taste.
They brought the menu, but we wanted to wait for Ana's suggestions.
Her choice hit right with what we wanted to taste, we don´t know if because they are like the records, the most requested, or because we were really looking hungry ... but it was perfect!

All products are made with natural ingredients and fresh, to reach you with a true flavor. And they always take an extra dose of love, because we believe that the soul is the secret of the business

Eggs Benedict, chocolate and banana pancakes, Black Forest Pavlova and cappuccino to go along with all this! we went to their small courtyard, very pleasant, because the light was better for our photos.
Suddenly there was the food...

The pancakes, with black chocolate chips inside, that melted to each cut, had a spoonful of fresh cream on top of the caramelized bananas and toasted almonds. The maple butter, gave the salty touch to that wonder! As the cream threatened to slip... it was necessary to give it a bite, or the moment was lost forever!
The cappuccino, impeccable, just stood there as an extra for 5 minutes or more, until the Eggs Benedict arrived. But then it was too late, because the pancakes were no longer whole, and the picture was compromised ...

The eggs were delicious and the Black Forest Pavlova was the well expected cherry. Everything was very good, and it was with some time and effort that we finished that first meal of the day. A real Mister Brunch!
Ana came to sit at the table, and if the food was already delicious, it became perfect with the presence of the mother of this project! we believe, above all else, that things grow another dimension when the company is good.
With 32 years old and already a past experience in graphic design and advertising domain, she has confirmed what we already knew, that far beyond the creative aspect of a good idea, the most important part, that one that most contributes to success, is work!
Obviously, at the time, when the idea began, it took her a lot of faith, personal investment and strategy .
Miss Pavlova was born in 2013, but for more than a year and a half, Ana built the brand stronger from A to Z, starting with a Facebook page and with many slices of cake sold in the street markets! Her good taste, also fruit of her training area, forced her to perfect her Pavlova girls, to what she considered the necessary perfection to move forward. And in fact she did!
Today with 3 stores, she is still looking to perfect what is already good. Whoever achieves success at the expense of hard work knows how important renewal and reinvention are. In a world where tastes change at the speed of a breath, there is no place for rest. Ana is undoubtedly a woman who inspires ... exactly what Gayting'out seeks to offer its customers!

We will seat many times at that table, that's a promise!



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