To travel is to be unfaithful.Be it without remorse. Forget your friends with strangers- Paul Morand

When 3 friends gather around a table to eat, drink and talk about dreams, traveling and adventures, we seem to lose track of time and it’s almost inevitable, ideas come. We share the taste for inspiring people, for places that leave a mark and for gastronomy, a true souvenir for every corner we visit. Above all we love life and everything that it has to offer, we are natural born enthusiasts!

We decided to create Gayting'out and design tailor made trips, unique experiences for those who want to be surprised and enjoy life.
We chose Porto as a starting point. If we had to start somewhere, it had to be Porto.
. Oporto " Estranha-se e depois entranha-se”, meaning, Oporto gets under your skin!

We do not intend to be just any online travel agency and we certainly will not offer mass visits to touristic sites... We know Oporto and everything it has to offer, we know it’s ever changing, ever reinventing itself! This is Douro river’s city, and port wine, the best place for those who seek beauty and to fall in love. We have, therefore, chosen the best boutique hotels, distinguished by excellence and discreet luxury, the most trendy restaurants, and the most unusual experiences to the Gay community, both national and international. We want to offer the opportunity to get to know the genuine Oporto, the traditional and the trendy one, its people and their innovative mindset ideas, all the mixing cultures and colors in an intimate, exclusive and relaxed environment. This is the Gayting'out project!

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